Bee Bug Hotel - Green

Bee Bug Hotel - Green

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Wooden Bug and Bee Hotel

This charming Bug and Bee Hotel will make a great addition to any garden.

Bug and Bee Hotels are a great way to introduce children to the tiny, buzzing beasts and allow these important pollinators to thrive.

Attracting  helpful insects that will bring life to your garden and ward off unwanted pests.

Different sections provide cosy hiding places for a variety of crawling creatures.

H 25cm x W 8cm x D 13cm

Forest Stewardship Council-approved and sourced from well-managed forests certified by the FSC.

Where you put your bee hotel affects the chances of it being used. It is important to position your bee hotel in a sunny location, where it will warm up quickly in the morning. This is particularly important to prevent overwintering insects freezing.

Place the hotel where the tube entrances will be sheltered from heavy rain, but make sure they're not hidden by vegetation. A south-east orientation will tend to give the best balance of Sun exposure and shelter from driving rain.

If you find that bees don't use your hotel, try a different location and consider whether you could add more of the flowers that the solitary bees need. It's worth waiting a year, but if you don't see any plugged tubes by October, try moving the hotel in time for the following spring.